How can Oil-out help?

OIL-OUT™ contains naturally occurring non-pathogenic, waste-degrading, microorganisms. These “microbes” can eliminate a range of organic waste (hydrocarbons, fats, oils and grease). The microorganisms eliminate hydrocarbons through biological conversion. 

Why choose oil-out™?


  • Safe for the environment and the user.
  • Predictable results.
  • Lower cost than alternatives.
  • Safe on all flooring, including carpet.


  • Cleans all surfaces of oil stains and spills.
  • A safe alternative to harsh caustic or acidic cleaners
  • No removal of contaminated material is necessary because the product will have a deep reach.
  • Non-toxic, non-flamable, non-corrosive, biodegradable liquid.


  • When stored according to the instructions, OIL-OUT™ has a long shelf life.
  • To be stored at room temperature.
  • OIL-OUT concentrate’s shelf life is many years.
  • When mixed with water the ready-to-use solution should be used within a year.