Commercial Uses.

How can OIL-OUT™ help commercial business owners?


Here are two chains found in a restaurant next to the deep fryer. When the deep fryer is used the intense heat causes the oil to splash, bubble and condensate onto all surrounding materials which leaves a thick layer of grease on everything. This grease is next to impossible to remove with leading products so often it is just left to build up as you can see on the chain to the left. OIL-OUT™ makes removing deep fryer grease from the deep fryer and neighbouring surfaces effortless. After completely removing grease, respray area to create an even faster cleanup next time.

Restaurant Before

Restaurant After

Here are some tanks from the same restaurant. These pictures were taken about 7 hours apart. As you can see OIL-OUT was also used on the silver cylinder that is to the right of the tanks. It is covered in insulation tape so only a limited amount of scrubbing and agitation could be used. Depending on how old the contamination is, this type of removal can often be lengthy. Now the tanks look like new and they are primed for next cleaning session which will take a fraction of the time and effort.

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